KG-AR - Use of High School Facilities

Code: KG-AR
Adopted: 12/7/94
Re-adopted: 8/18/03, 6/14/06, 11/27/12; 2/26/20; 12/14/22

Orig. Code: KG-AR


RHS campus facilities are available for community use, and rental. The 650-seat theater, the Student Center that can accommodate audiences of up to 1,000, classrooms, two gymnasiums and the artificial turf sports field are all available for public use.

The facilities are managed by the high school Activities and Facilities Coordinator, who provides scheduling and technical support. Our scheduling priority is set out in District Policy KG and accompanying AR as follows:

1. Activities directly related to the required K-12 school program, including graduation;
2. Activities of the extracurricular K-12 school program and its club sports and seasonal programs;
3. School-sponsored programs such as classes and workshops;
4. Youth-related non-school activities conducted for the purpose of benefiting Roseburg school district resident pupils exclusively;
5. Adult-related non-school activities and youth related non-school activities conducted for the purpose of benefitting school age children in general
6. Other appropriate uses.

General Use Guidelines:

As indicated above, usage priority will be determined in accordance with district policy KG and Administrative regulation KG AR with the first priority being given to Roseburg High School and District programs. The District reserves the right to schedule use of the facilities, to set fees and charges for such uses, and to formulate and enforce appropriate rules and regulations governing use of the facilities.

The Facilities Director (or designee) shall be on site as needed and is responsible for monitoring the facility usage. The Roseburg High School Principal (or designee) shall be kept fully informed of all facility use.

Insurance – Public Liability: Users shall carry comprehensive liability insurance (naming the District as the additionally insured) in the amount of not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit for any one occurrence including bodily injury and property damage. Further, it is understood and agreed that the policy will not be cancelled or reduced or modified in any way adversely affecting the coverage provided with respect to the RHS Facility. Evidence of said insurance shall be furnished to the District in writing, a minimum of 30 days prior to the first scheduled use of the facility or at any other time as may be requested. If said insurance is to be cancelled, the District shall be notified in writing at least 10 days prior to said cancellation. The insurance company producing said insurance shall be licensed to do business in the State of Oregon.

General Rules and Procedures:

The building principal has the authority for scheduling and renting the school facility. The principal’s signature is required on the agreement form.

A copy of the rental agreement is to be forwarded to the district business office. Any rental fees are to be collected in advance and promptly remitted to the business office.

A district employee shall be assigned to be present on the premises at all times when school buildings are used by non-school groups to ensure district rules and regulations are enforced. To assure building security, it is required that users assume financial responsibility for a district employee to be on site during usage times outside regular hours of staffing.

Free Uses of Facilities:

The building principal may grant the free use of facilities to community organizations as determined by District facility use policy. Free use will be allowed for the following:

1. Political parties from precinct organizational meetings and precinct elections required by law;
2. City of Roseburg, Douglas County, or State of Oregon for use in the performance of their duties to the public;
3. State of Oregon and other public agencies for staff training or examinations;
4. Umpqua Community College or other educational institutions;
5. PTA’s, Booster Clubs, etc.

Facility Use Tiers

The District encourages the community’s use of its buildings for civic and educational purposes. Charges for facility-use shall be assessed consistently; charges are designed to recover any operations costs associated with the specific use. To assist in the assessment of fees and priority of use, the following tier system has been developed.

Tier A: Roseburg Public Schools Sponsored Activities
Sponsored, as used in this section, means an activity that the district directly and completely coordinates, funds, plans, and directs, and is staffed by district employees who are or may be paid for their time. With respect to athletics, the event, activity, or contest must occur during the OSAA or corresponding governing body’s sanctioned season.

Groups in Tier A will not be charged any rental fees and will not be required to provide insurance as the District’s self-insurance covers the activities. The school principal or designee is responsible for assuring building supervision is present during these usages. Fees totaling over $500 will not be waived without business office approval.

Tier B

Organizations and individual users offering activities or events that are free and enrollment or participation is open to the public. Tier B also includes fundraising activities in which the majority of the profits collected go to the school approved PTO or booster organization. Parent groups are defined as those with charters and by-laws and are commonly referred to as PTA’s PTO’s, PTC’s and boosters.

Groups in Tier B will not be charged any rental fees. Proof of insurance will be required prior to use. Fees may be charged for extra personnel such as custodial staff, security, technology, or equipment use.

Tier C

Organizations and individual users offering activities or events that charge for admission/participation, collect an offering or donations, or sell merchandise. Groups in Tier C will be charged a rental fee. Proof of insurance will be required prior to use. Fees may be charged for extra personnel such as custodial staff, security, technology, or equipment use.

Tier D

From time to time it may be necessary and appropriate for the District to negotiate a long-term rental/lease agreement that will incorporate appropriate fees and costs associated with the long-term usage. Similarly, the District may enter into inter-governmental and cooperative arrangements related to facility use. The terms and conditions of use by Tier D users will be determined by contractual agreement.

Tier E

Governmental, city, county and state agency usage. Groups in Tier E will not be charged any rental fees. Proof of insurance will be required prior to use. Fees may be charged for extra personnel such as such as custodial staff, security, technology, or equipment use.

Facility Booking Procedures:

The requesting organization must complete a Facility Use Request Form (see Appendix I). The RHS Use Request Form must be completed and submitted for approval in accordance with the booking calendar procedures described below. Each user will be provided with an RHS Facility Use Cost Estimate (see Appendix II) when the use request form is approved. An authorized user group representative must sign the use request form and assume responsibility for the actions of the group.

As described more fully below, a Roseburg High Schools Rental Use Agreement (see Appendix III) must also be executed no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled performance and the required rental and other deposits must be paid at the time such agreement is executed.

With the heavy demand and use of the Roseburg facilities, facility booking requests are encouraged several months in advance.

As conflicts arise between different requests for use, an equitable solution will be sought. If any user group needs to be rescheduled due to a usage priority conflict, an attempt will be made to give the user group as much notice as possible. All user group representatives/staff including teachers and custodians impacted by an RHS facility use schedule change shall be informed in advance, if at all possible.

Community use of the RHS facilities outside of the regular school day is encouraged. Information regarding RHS Tours, group services (ticket sales and theater parties) and special services and facilities for persons requiring assistance to events (i.e.: first aid, hearing impaired, wheelchairs, etc.) can be obtained by contacting the facility director at 440-4140 ext. 4205.

Rental Fees & Other Financial Considerations:

Like all other District facilities, RHS fees are designed to cover the cost of operating and maintaining the facility. Charges for use of the facilities (as well as for any additional equipment, supplies or extra services) were developed pursuant to District Administrative Regulation KG-AR.

The basic facility rental rates for non-school activity users can be found in Appendix IV.

The Facilities Director has the discretion to impose charges in addition to the basic rental fee set out in Appendix IV for services, equipment or other costs incurred which are in excess of those normally incurred in a typical event/program. Rental fees and other charges (along with any separate deposits) are estimated at the time of booking through completion and approval of the RHS Use Request Form and the accompanying RHS Facility Use Cost Estimate (see Appendix II). (A certificate of liability insurance for an amount of not less than $1 million must be submitted with the RHS Use Request Form. Copies of the RHS Use Request Form and user group certificate of insurance shall be submitted to the District Business Office).

In addition, a Facility Rental Use Agreement must be executed no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled performance/event. A copy of the executed Rental Use Agreement shall be forwarded to the District Business Office. The District reserves the right to require a cashier’s check or money order for the payment of RHS user deposits, rental or other fee amounts. Receipts shall be issued for any cash received.[1]

The estimated rental fees and other charges may be adjusted to the extent additional costs are incurred not anticipated at the time the RHS Rental Use Agreement is executed. The user group representative will be notified by telephone or e-mail of any adjustments to the estimated rental fees and other charges (as well as any damage or extra cleaning costs associated with the specified use) within 2 business days following the performance/event. Any adjustments will be reflected in the final billing for the performance/event and such final billing will be issued by the District Business Office within 5 business days of the performance/event.

Users will pay the balance of any outstanding rental fees or other charges within 5 business days of receiving the final billing. In the event final payment is not received within the specified time frame, a late payment service charge on the unpaid balance equal to 1.5% per month will be assessed. All remittance checks must be made payable to Roseburg School District #4 Business Office, 1419 Valley View Drive, Roseburg, OR 97471.

Any damage or potential liability arising from RHS facilities use shall be communicated immediately to the RHS Facility Director, High School Principal and the District’s Business Director. Any damage caused during a scheduled use shall be the responsibility of the facility user, as provided in the RHS Rental Use Agreement.

Performing and Attendance at the Rose Theater

Performance Etiquette:
Dressing rooms and any other rooms should be left clean.
Everyone should be courteous and respectful at all times, remembering that anything can happen during a performance.

Attendance Etiquette:
No member of the audience is allowed on the stage.
No standing is allowed on the seats in the theater.
For reserved seating events, patrons must be in the seats designated on their tickets.
No cameras or recording devices are allowed within the Theater except as may be expressly agreed in advance of each performance.
Latecomers may have to wait to be seated until there is an appropriate pause in the program. The head usher will seat latecomers.

Attending any RHS Events/Performances

The following rules apply with respect to persons attending an RHS event/performance:

No smoking, fireworks or weapons are allowed anywhere on the property, buildings, or grounds of Roseburg High School or the District.
No drugs or alcoholic beverages are permitted whether in a person’s possession by consumption.
No gum, food or drinks are allowed in the theater or on the artificial turf, this includes sunflower seeds, which damage the artificial turf.
No activity which may result in injury to self or to others or that may interfere with the performance or activity is allowed.
Under no circumstances shall children be permitted to be unattended in the area of the event or on the grounds of Roseburg High School. RHS encourages parents who are bringing young children to events to request aisle seats with easy access to an exit.
The District assumes no responsibility for personal apparel or other property lost by patrons (a lost and found is maintained at the Roseburg High School Office).
The maximum number of people permitted in any RHS facility shall be restricted to its designated capacity.
All parking rules need to be followed. No parking allowed in the quads.
No skateboards/rollerblades/long boards are allowed to be ridden on campus.

In addition to the above rules, other District Policies, Oregon Revised Statutes, and Federal Laws relating to behavior on public school grounds apply to persons attending an RHS performance/event on campus. RHS patrons violating any of the above rules are subject to all applicable sanctions, as well as having their right to attend any RHS event/performance revoked.

1 Compensation for all supervisory, custodians, and support staff related to RHS use must be paid through the payroll department of the District Business Office. No cash compensation payments are allowed.