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KG-AR - Administrative Procedure and Fee Schedule

Code: KG-AR
Adopted: 12/7/94
Re-adopted: 8/18/03, 6/14/06

Original Code: Bulletin No. 20


The following administrative regulation includes general rules and procedures governing the use of district facilities by eligible community groups. A list of rates for the use/rental of these facilities has also been established and will be updated by the Board as deemed necessary.

Building Use Priorities

Use of District facilities by eligible community groups is encouraged provided such activities can be scheduled to avoid conflicts with regular school and school sponsored activities. The building principal shall use the following priority list for scheduling building, field or grounds usage:

  1. Activities directly related to the required K-12 school program, including graduation;
  2. Activities of the extracurricular K-12 school program and its club sports and seasonal programs;
  3. School-sponsored programs such as classes and workshops;
  4. Youth-related non-school activities conducted for the purpose of benefiting Roseburg school district resident pupils exclusively;
  5. Adult-related non-school activities and youth related non-school activities conducted for the purpose of benefiting school age children in general;
  6. Other appropriate uses.

General Rules and Procedures

The building principal has the authority for scheduling and renting the school facility. The principal’s signature is required on the agreement form.

A copy of the rental agreement is to be forwarded to the district business office. Any rental fees are to be collected in advance and promptly remitted to the business office.

A district employee shall be assigned to be present on the premises at all times when school buildings are used by non-school groups to ensure district rules and regulations are enforced. To assure building security, it is required that users assume financial responsibility for a district employee to be on site during usage times outside regular hours of staffing.

Free Uses of Facilities

The building principal may grant the free use of facilities to community organizations as determined by District facility use policy. Free use will be allowed for the following:

  1. Political parties for precinct organizational meetings and precinct elections required by law;
  2. City of Roseburg, Douglas County or State of Oregon for use in the performance of their duties to the public;
  3. State of Oregon and other public agencies for staff training or examinations;
  4. Umpqua Community College or other educational institutions;
  5. PTA’s, Booster Clubs, etc.

Use Subject to Payment of Fees

If a community group is charging admission from the participants, the principal should charge rent for use of District facilities. There must also be a charge for extra salaries if district personnel are required to work overtime because of the activity.

With the exception of the high school theater and athletic fields, groups providing programs and activities for children may be allowed to use the facilities free of charge. Adult groups meeting for non-educational purposes will be charged for use of the facilities. Groups asking to use facilities with the intent of raising money for non-school purposes will be charged.

Rental Fee Schedule

The District has established a schedule of fees for use of District facilities and the principal or designee at each site shall collect those fees unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent.

Rental Fee Schedule Per Hour

Youth Related
Adult School
Adult Non-
School Related
$65 to $75
High School Stadium
$65 to $75
High School Locker Room
No Fee
No Fee
No Fee
No Fee
$20 to $25
Elementary Gymnasium
No Fee
No Fee
Middle School Gym.
No Fee
No Fee
High School Gym.
No Fee
No Fee
High School Student Center
No Fee
No Fee
$10 to $25
Elem. Multi-Purpose Room
No Fee
No Fee
$10 to $20
Middle School Multi-purpose Room
No Fee
No Fee
No Fee
No Fee
Kitchen - all schools (includes hiring food service employee who must be there while
equipment is in use)
Additional Costs
Stage Lighting (full inventory w/color)
$100 per use
Stage Lighting (simple, no color)
$25 per use
Grand Piano
$20 per use
HS Stadium Lights
$15 per hour
$25 per event
Projector/Video Eqpmt.
$10 per item
Labor Costs
Tech Students/Stage Crew
Security Personnel
$8.50 per hour
$40 per hour (for HS theater & athletic spaces)
$30 per hour (a minimum of 2 hours)
$30 per hour (a minimum of 2 hours)
Damage/Cleaning Deposit *
No deposit w/school supervisor
 * These are a security deposits and not a rental charge. All charges for damages and cleaning required after the use of a building by a group or individual shall be assessed against the user’s deposit if not included in normal district maintenance. Any unused portion of this deposit will be separately refunded to the user within ten business days.