KGB - Public Conduct on District Property

Code: KGB
Adopted: 8/13/97
Re-adopted: 6/15/16; 12/14/22
Orig. Code: KGB

No person on district property or grounds, including parking lots, will:

1. Injure or threaten to injure another;

2. Damage the property of another or of the district;

3. Initiate or circulate a report, one knows to be false, concerning an alleged hazardous substance, impending fire, explosion, catastrophe or other emergency that will take place in or upon a school;

4. Violate parking regulations;

5. Drive a vehicle in an unsafe manner;

6. Operate an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or drone (unless granted permission from the (superintendent or designee, as prohibited by Board policy ECACB - Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) a.k.a. drone);

7. Impede, delay or otherwise interfere with the orderly conduct of the district’s educational program or any other activity taking place on district property which has been authorized by the Board, superintendent, principal or other authorized administrator;

8. Enter any portion of district premises at any time for purposes other than those which are lawful and authorized by district officials;

9. Bring, possess or use a weapon as prohibited by state and federal law;

10. Possess, consume, sell, give or deliver unlawful drugs and/or alcoholic beverages. Possess, sell, give or deliver drug paraphernalia;

11. Use, distribute or sell tobacco products or inhalant delivery systems;

12. Wear, possess, use, distribute, display or sell any clothing, jewelry, emblem, badge, symbol, sign or other item that is evidence of membership or affiliation with any gang. Use speech or commit any act or omission in furtherance of the interests of any gang or gang activity. A “gang” is defined as a group that identifies itself through the use of a name, unique appearance or language including hand signs, claiming of geographical territory or the espousing of a distinctive belief system that frequently results in criminal activity;

13. Willfully violate Board policies, administrative regulations or school rules designed to maintain public order on district property.

Persons having no legitimate purpose or business on district property, or those violating or threatening to violate the above rules, may be issued a trespass citation and/or ejected from the premises, and/or referred to law enforcement officials.

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