KJ-AR - Commercial Advertising

Code: KJ-AR
Adopted: Unknown
Re-adopted: 6/21/18, 1/29/20, 12/14/22

Commercial advertising in district schools may be permitted by the superintendent or designee subject to the following.  Schools, with prior approval, may:

  1. Publish advertising in any school newspaper, other school periodical, school or district publication, web page or yearbook;
  2. Distribute advertising or market research as part of a district-approved curriculum on advertising, marketing or media literacy, etc.;
  3. Post signs of school, district or public appreciation for financial or other support from any person, business or corporation for the educational program in any school in the district;
  4. Use free educational materials with incidental advertisements;
  5. Permit demonstrations of educational materials and equipment;
  6. Cooperate with nonprofit community organizations in making or posting announcements or distributing program materials that supplement the school program provided that such cooperation does not interfere with the school program and is consistent with the mission, goals and policies of the district;
  7. Utilize films or other educational materials and instructional aids, including newspapers and magazines in either print or electronic form furnished by private sources, when the advertising content is reasonable in the judgment of the superintendent or designee;
  8. Permit participation, on a student-option basis, in essay, art, science and similar contests sponsored by outside interests when such activities parallel the curriculum and contribute to the educational program;
  9. Release promotional material for non-school athletic and cultural events through appropriate school departments;
  10. Accept limited advertising on extracurricular activity schedules and programs.

Other exceptions may be approved when, in the judgment of the superintendent or designee, students of the district will benefit.

There may be no obligation on the part of students or staff to sell products, make purchases or distribute information.

The use of any advertising for alcohol, marijuana, or tobacco products in district publications or for any other purpose inconsistent with Board policies and administrative regulations is prohibited.

No activity which requires staff or students to assist in promoting campaigns (financial, charitable, educational or otherwise) will be permitted without the express permission of the superintendent.