KK - Visitors to District Facilities**

Code: KK
Adopted: 5/11/83
Re-adopted: 8/13/97; 12/14/22
Orig. Code: KK

The Board believes that a better understanding of its educational program and improved relationship between the schools and community can be developed through school and classroom visitations of parents and patrons. Such visitations should be encouraged, arranged and permitted within considerations of the requirements of the educational program, the orderly administration of the school, school grounds and classrooms and the safety and welfare of students and staff.

The district is responsible for the schools’ supervision and administration. To ensure that school work is not disrupted and that visitors are properly directed to the areas in which they are interested, all visitors to district facilities must report to the school office upon entering school property and follow all building visitor protocols when entering the building and during their visit.

1. Teachers’ work must not be impeded by interruption of visitors or by unreasonable demands on their time.
2. Visitors must not contact individual students except as authorized by the principal and/or teachers.
3. When in the interest of orderly educational programs and the safety of students it is determined by the principal that some specific visitor or visitors shall not be permitted to enter the school facilities, the principal shall do the following:

a. Advise the person that admission is refused and give that person an explanation for the refusal;
b. If possible and appropriate, attempt to arrange alternative visitation of school facilities.

4. A visitor with permission to visit may be directed to leave when any teacher or administrator reasonably believes the visitor has engaged in physical violence, loud or disruptive speech or behavior, violation of a posted school rule or illegal conduct.

A visitor may also be directed to leave by the staff member administratively in charge of the
building if the visit would be disruptive to the educational program or school order; would impede the work of teachers through visitor’s interruptions or unreasonable demands on teacher time; or if the visitors’ course of conduct would conflict with Board policies, district or building regulations or would violate the law.

5. A direction to leave revokes any permission to visit or license to enter. Whenever possible, the direction should be given in writing or followed by written notice which identifies the issuer and gives a brief statement of the reason for the direction to leave. The principal’s office should be notified of any direction to leave and given a copy of any written notice.
6. Those who insist on remaining despite a principal’s request to leave and who thereby create a disruption of the carrying on of school business are subject to citizen’s arrest and a report made to law enforcement. Failure to leave will render a visitor liable for criminal trespass pursuant to Oregon law.
7. Any visitor who commits a violent act or threatens to commit a violent act toward a student or staff member while on school grounds, at a school-sponsored event or on the way to and from school, shall be reported immediately to the principal and the superintendent.  The superintendent shall immediately contact any student or staff member involved.


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Cross Reference(s):
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