KK - Visitors to District Facilities**

Code: KK
Adopted: 5/11/83
Re-adopted: 8/13/97
Original Code: 7065

To help protect student and district property and to prevent disruptive activity, school officials must know if any persons who are not members of the staff or student body are inside the building or on the grounds.

Visitors are permitted on district premises so long as their presence is for constructive, not disruptive, purposes and school officials are aware of their visit.

Visitors in the school building during a normal school day shall first come to the main office to sign in and request a visitor’s pass.

A person commits the crime of criminal trespass in the second degree if he/she enters or remains unlawfully in or upon district premises.  Enter or remain unlawfully means to fail to leave district premises after being lawfully directed to do so by a person in charge.

Legal Reference(s)

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