LGA-AR - Public Appeals and Complaints About Alleged Violations of Standards of the State Board of Education

Code: LGA-AR
Adopted: 10/10/90
Re-adopted: 8/13/97
Original Code: 1400

The Board recognizes a need to implement a procedure for the prompt resolution of complaints alleging violations of standards as outlined by the Oregon Department of Education.

Any complainant who resides in the district or any parent of students attending school in the district qualifies to participate in the procedure described below:

  1. All complaints to personnel shall be reported immediately to the principal involved, whether these come by telephone, letter or by personal conference;
  2. The principal shall encourage the complainant to discuss the nature of the alleged classroom violation and the complainant shall be given the opportunity to talk to the instructor involved;
  3. If the complainant wishes to pursue the matter further, he/she shall be supplied with a printed form, “Request For Investigation of Standard” (Exhibit A), which must be filled out and submitted to the superintendent before formal consideration shall be given to the complaint;
  4. The standard which is the subject of the complaint shall not be altered pending final action by the Board;
  5.  The superintendent will arrange for a review committee which may include the superintendent, an administrator, a Board member, a lay person, the appropriate content area specialist and the curriculum coordinator.
    1. The lay person and Board member shall be appointed by the Board chair;
    2. The committee shall meet as soon as possible and return a written report of its findings to the superintendent;
    3. The committee may recommend that the alleged violation be:
      1. In total compliance;
      2. In partial compliance (specification shall be stated for total compliance);
      3. In non-compliance;
    4. The superintendent shall report the recommendation of the review committee to the Board, whose decision shall be final;
    5. The decision of the Board shall be transmitted to the superintendent, to the appropriate personnel and to the complainant.

Standards include all those areas as outlined in the Standards for Public Schools provided by the Oregon Department of Education.