Employees receive April 2024 Crystal Apple Awards


Congratulations to Joni Carlson, ‪Data Support Specialist at Roseburg High School, and Kristin Brooks, ‪a Science Teacher, also at Roseburg High School. These employees were presented with Crystal Apple Awards at the April 10  School Board meeting.

Here's what their school leaders had to say:

Joni is an exceptional individual who consistently goes above and beyond to help others. Her expertise, skills, and talents are vast, and she is always willing to share them with anyone who requires her assistance. Whether it be working on the RHS website, working with students to improve behavior, or her main job of State Testing, Joni's unwavering dedication to her work is evident and remarkable. Whenever faced with a difficulty, Joni is always there to provide a solution. Joni has consistently demonstrated exemplary work habits, maintaining a high standard of quality in her work. Her positive work relationships and professionalism contribute significantly to the positive atmosphere within the various departments she supports. Joni’s commitment to excellence and collaborative spirit make her a valuable asset to the RHS community. 

When you think of the “do everything teacher,” the person who comes to mind is Kristin Brooks. Not only does she engage with energy to lead her students toward success, she uses her vast knowledge and expertise to guide them toward achieving their goals. She is compassionate and genuinely cares about the well-being of all her students. Kristin is also an exceptional and effective division leader. She stays on top of relevant communication with her teacher team and with leadership, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working toward a common goal. Additionally, she is a mentor for teachers on her team and provides guidance and support as needed. She is active in a variety of non-academic school activities as well. She represents RHS teachers in the Roseburg Education Association, sponsors campus clubs, and has held leadership positions in school functions like Link Crew. Overall, Kristen is an exceptional teacher-leader who is dedicated, hardworking, and passionate about her work.

Kristin poses with staff and family