Tabatha poses with staff and family


Congratulations to Tabatha Nordlund, Skills Trainer at Green Elementary School, Debbie Wilks, Second-Grade Teacher, also at Green Elementary School, Heidi Guyer, Librarian at Winchester Elementary School, and Amanda Sandoval, Learning Specialist, also at Winchester Elementary School. These employees were presented with Crystal Apple Awards at the May 22 School Board meeting.

Here's what their school leaders had to say:

Tabby is the skills trainer at Green and supports students and staff in a multitude of ways. One click of the radio and Mrs. Nordlund is there to support a student who needs support emotionally, a sick child, or someone who needs a job during the day. She uses her time with a student to grow their skills to handle big emotions and to build their confidence. She is always willing to demo some dance moves, participate in a spirit day, or put on a 40-pound Dragon costume. You make Green such a special place because you relate authentically to every student and you care about every member of the Green community.

Tabatha poses with staff and family

The heart of a school starts with the love that you share with your students and staff. Debbie is someone who truly cares for others.  She uses positive strategies to build a classroom environment that is welcoming to all. When she isn’t getting the results she wants, she is tenacious to find another way. This includes collaborating with specialists, collecting more data, and assessing the connection she has with the student. She does not give up! Her commitment to the school extends to her desire to learn more and to lead. She has become a dyslexia expert and is the school’s science lead. Green employees couldn’t be prouder to work with Mrs. Wilks everyday.

Debbie poses with staff and family

Heidi is an alumnus of Winchester Elementary. When the library was being built, she would stare into the windows waiting for the day the doors would open. This was when her love of books began to grow. She has celebrated most of her life at Winchester, six years as a student, and 25 years as a librarian. Heidi has built a beautiful and welcoming library. She has helped students not only learn the importance of literacy, but to enjoy and celebrate literacy! She serves as a valuable resource for teachers by recommending books to support instruction, supporting technological needs, planning, and implementing reading programs, and is always encouraging and challenging students to grow in their reading ability in both the school and community. Whether she is teaching a class, greeting students during morning duty, giving tokens to the book vending machine, facilitating a STEAM activity, or helping a student choose the perfect book, she can be seen with a smile on her face and a book in her hand. Heidi is creative, flexible, and a processor. She is the knowledge and wisdom that is part of the Winchester school family.

Heidi poses with staff and family

Amanda Sandoval is a beacon of light when it comes to Winchester. She began her educational journey as an instructional assistant for six years and then was a classroom teacher for 11 years. She has a deep passion for students and their ability to learn in a way that makes them truly successful. Amanda was truly meant for the Learning Specialist position at Winchester. She has a dedication for a multi-tiered system of interventions, making data-driven decisions, bridging the gap in student learning, advocating for student needs, as well as supporting staff through their instructional journey. She is a vital member to the support team at Winchester and her insight into decision making has led Winchester to truly be a model of an RTI system. Amanda makes sure students are at the heart of every decision. Roseburg Public Schools is fortunate to have Amanda as part of the district family.

Amanda poses with staff and family