Adryan poses with staff and family

Meet our June Exceptional Student Award winners! Congratulations to Adryan Bartley, a fifth-grader at Roseburg Virtual School; Lilly Jara, a Eighth-Grade at Roseburg Virtual School; Taylor Sands, a sophomore at Roseburg High School and Isla Egbert, a seventh-grader at Jo Lane Middle School. Each month, students are chosen by their schools to receive the honor. Students may be recognized for a variety of achievements and successes such as academics, community-mindedness, character, positive influence, and extracurriculars.

Here's what their teachers had to say:

Adryan is a diligent, creative and bright student and RVS is honored to select her for the School Board Recognition award. Adryan has been a student at RVS since the beginning! She engages in live instruction and asynchronous lessons and goes above and beyond the expectations. Adryan is a talented artist, a strong reader, and she writes with a powerful voice. She also has a sharp and observant sense of humor. Some of Adryan’s former teachers were excited to share their perspectives as well. According to Mr. Eagan (4th grade): “Adryan is such an incredible young lady. She is so hard working and has learned to persevere through academic challenges, and even subjects which were not her favorite.” Ms. Fisk (3rd grade) had this to say: “Adryan is a bright student who cares deeply about her learning. She strives to meet any teacher’s expectations and perseveres through it all.”  Adryan, you have a bright future ahead of you and we know you will continue to shine!

Adryan poses with staff and family

Lilly has been a student at RVS since September 2022. She loves Language Arts and writing stories. She expressed early on in seventh grade her “despise” for math and anything that remotely resembled the word! Since that time, this ambitious student has grown in so many ways. Due to Lilly’s cheerful and energetic personality, her growth mindset and driven character, she took this “math challenge” on like it was a “personal vendetta.” Lilly has grown almost five grade levels since then. Eighth-graders participate in a Living History Museum for their History class. Lilly was “Joan of Arc.” She embraced this project and did an excellent job memorizing her entire speech and stayed in character perfectly. It was truly amazing to see her confidence as her own warrior emerged. Lilly is her own true warrior who has big dreams to make her own impression on the world someday — just like Joan of Arc! 

Lilly poses with staff and family

Taylor consistently demonstrates reliability and respect toward others. Her work is always of high quality, and she contributes valuable insights to academic discussions. She is highly regarded by her peers and is always willing to step up when tasks need to be completed. Taylor is not only highly motivated and responsible but also serves as an excellent leader, setting a positive example for her peers. This dedication has led to her election as FCCLA President for the upcoming school year, and she is already taking on the new responsibilities. Taylor genuinely cares about RHS and the people there, and it shows.

Taylor poses with staff and family

Isla is a bright young lady full of drive. She embodies the qualities of an exceptional student and individual. Beyond her outstanding academic achievements, Isla's kindness, authenticity, and willingness to assist others set her apart in the classroom. Her positive attitude is infectious;  whenever she is unclear about something, Isla demonstrates patience and humility by seeking clarification with a raised hand. Her respect toward both peers and staff members creates a harmonious learning environment. Isla truly exemplifies the spirit of a pioneer, embodying not only academic excellence but also the values of empathy, diligence, and integrity that are essential for success in all aspects of life.

Isla poses with staff and family