Lisette poses with staff and family

Meet our May Exceptional Student Award winners! Congratulations to Lisette Ceballos, a fifth-grader at Green Elementary; Neikko Pinon-Gasca, a fifth-grader at Winchester Elementary; Eliza VanBurger, a freshman at Roseburg High School; Lillian Rudolf, an eighth-grader at Jo Lane Middle School and Hope Maliah Johnson, a seventh-grader at Fremont Middle School. Each month, students are chosen by their schools to receive the honor. Students may be recognized for a variety of achievements and successes such as academics, community-mindedness, character, positive influence, and extracurriculars.

Here's what their teachers had to say:

Lisette is an encourager. She has attended Green Elementary since kindergarten. During that time she participated in our English Language Development program, is a classroom leader, and grew her skills of composure. Mrs. Johnson said, “Lisette loves Green and will greatly miss the people here. She has pushed through obstacles and does that with a smile and a word of encouragement for those around her.” Lisette is a gifted student who thinks deeply about her class work and always puts forth the extra effort to do her best. Lisette, everyone at Green is so proud of you and can’t wait to share in your next accomplishments.

Lisette poses with staff and family


Neikko is an outstanding role model and is well-respected by both staff and peers alike. Neikko can always be counted on to act with integrity and respect and serves as an excellent example for others. His effort is commendable and he strives to do his best, does not shy away from a challenge, and is involved in extracurricular sports. He is a team player and very capable in all he does.  Staff at Winchester have no doubt that he can be successful in anything he sets his mind to, and they all wish him the best as he moves on to middle school. He will be very missed at Winchester! 

Neikko poses with staff and family

Eliza is an exceptional student who always strives for excellence. She approaches her studies with a high level of motivation and dedication, which is evident in her active participation in classroom discussions and group activities. Eliza is also a great collaborator. She works well with her classmates, and her contributions always elevate the level of learning for everyone. In the field of robotics, Eliza is a standout. She approaches every challenge with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Her hardworking nature is evident in her ability to take on even the most demanding tasks, and she consistently delivers excellent results. Her passion for learning, dedication, and collaborative spirit make her a natural leader who inspires others to achieve their best. If she chooses to pursue a career in teaching, there is no doubt she will make a significant impact on the lives of her students.

Eliza poses with staff and family


Lilly is an awesome student who always focuses on quality work and helping others. Teachers can always count on her to be focused on class topics and looking to extend her learning through deeper questioning and conversation. Lilly's desire to learn is at a level of maturity not often seen in middle school. On top of being a great student, Lilly is a fantastic human being. She sets the example in class for how to treat others with respect and patience. Her quick wit and sense of humor always keep staff on their toes. The future is bright for Lilly, and she will excel at whatever she chooses to do.

Lillian poses with staff and family

Hope is the type of student that every teacher wants in their classroom. She goes above and beyond what is asked of her in all of her classes, and serves as an excellent role model and leader for her peers. She is kind, thoughtful, positive, and passionate about her learning and always has a smile on her face. She has a HUGE heart, and consistently seeks opportunities to make a difference in the school community. Hope pushes herself to be exceptional, and her hard work pays off. She is quick to help others when they are struggling with understanding material, and she enjoys taking on new challenges, always ready to lead the way on a project.

Hope poses with staff and family