Dixie Irwin poses with school staff and family

Meet our November Exceptional Student Award winners! Congratulations to Dixie Irwin, a fifth-grader at Eastwood Elementary; Gabrielle (Elle) Parrish, a freshman at Roseburg High School; and Ivan Jacob Clark, an eighth-grader at Fremont Middle School. Each month, students are chosen by their schools to receive the honor. Students may be recognized for a variety of achievements and successes such as academics, community-mindedness, character, positive influence, and extracurriculars.

Here's what their teachers had to say:

Dixie Irwin poses with school staff and family

Dixie is a fifth-grade rockstar. She works really hard and is consistently caring, respectful, trustworthy, and cooperative with everyone. She is truly a great example of how you can do very well by being dedicated and kind. Eastwood staff love Dixie’s creativity. She is a very talented, avid drawer. Throughout her years at Eastwood, she has taken on the nickname of “Dixie-Doo.” While she is growing up and leaving Eastwood soon to begin her middle school adventure at Jo Lane, Eastwood staff will always remember her kindhearted nature and joy that she brings to campus every day.

Elle Parrish poses with school staff and family

Elle is a joyful, kind, and gracious student. If there is ever a person who is debating about becoming a teacher, they should spend a class period with Elle, as she lifts you and all of her classmates up. She is known for her willingness to take risks and go the extra mile. Staff at RHS are so thankful that Elle is a part of the school. If you want to see an example of her great work, staff recommend that you try and catch the school's upcoming rendition of the play "Clue.” Elle spent countless hours helping to build that set.  

Ivan Jacob Clark poses with school staff and family

Ivan is known as a quiet leader and a kind and gentle student to the people around him. He is also a motivated musician with a talent for choir and band. He brings enthusiasm to class and is always willing to help others. At school band and choir events, he shows that hard work and dedication equals courage on a stage. Ivan is well-respected by his peers, sharing deep thoughts during class discussions. Ivan is a wonderful role model, and Fremont staff say they are blessed and proud to have him at the school. We all look forward to seeing what Ivan will achieve in the years to come.