Sofia Smith poses with school staff and family members.

Meet our October Exceptional Student Award winners! Congratulations to Sofia Smith, a fifth-grader at Fir Grove Elementary; Christina Lai Ying Chi, a senior at Roseburg High School; and Alivia Shirtcliff, an eighth-grader at Joseph Lane Middle School. Each month, students are chosen by their schools to receive the honor. Students may be recognized for a variety of achievements and successes such as academics, community-mindedness, character, positive influence, and extracurriculars.

Here's what their teachers had to say:

Sofia Smith poses with school staff and family members.

Sofia shows up every day with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. Staff at Fir Grove say she exemplifies Discipline, Tenacity, Determination, Integrity, and Respect and that she’s a great example to the other students and has natural leadership qualities. Academically, she is always on task and puts forth great work. But it is her character that makes her stand out amongst her peers. The best thing about Sofia is her ability to brighten up and elevate the mood of the room. Her class and school are better with Sofia there!

Christina Chi poses with school staff and family members.

Christina’s schedule this year would make da Vinci sweat: She is enrolled in AP Lit, AP Calc, AP Gov, Speech, Mock Trial, and College Credit Fine Arts 2. She is also a valued member of FBLA, NHS, and Astra Club and, unlike da Vinci, she finishes everything that she starts. Christina’s teachers say her patience and willingness to push herself is unmatched. She comes to class every day prepared and willing to learn. And she is a diligent volunteer who always puts others above herself. Cheerful, kind, humble, inquisitive, outgoing, hardworking and determined. These are just a few of the affirmations that Christina’s teachers flowered on her as she was nominated for Student of the Month. Christina is, quite frankly, the real deal!

Alivia Shirtcliff poses with school staff and family members.

Staff at Jo Lane describe Alivia as a sweet young lady who comes to school with a smile and a willingness to learn. She doesn’t demand attention but works diligently and turns in quality work. Alivia is polite, respectful and seeks to find ways to help others find success. She actively participates in class and brings conversations that richly enhance classroom learning. There have been occasions when Alivia’s light side is revealed and you can tell she has a great sense of humor, along with respect. Her brilliance is undeniable and her potential is limitless. She will undoubtedly radically transform the world for the better. Teachers say although our school year has just begun, Alivia has shown just what it takes to be a student who is willing to go above and beyond in the classroom.