2020-2021 Reopening

Start Strong, Stay Strong

The Roseburg Public Schools plan for fall 2020-2021 will allow students, staff and families to successfully kick off Comprehensive Remote Learning. The plan also includes target dates for reopening to in-classroom learning.

The plan is based on mandates and guidance from the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Department of Education, as well as considerations specific to the community and district.

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Check out our Family Toolkit for the 2020-2021 school year for more resources and information.


Reopening Update

As we get closer to reopening to in-person learning for Grades K-3, we continue to develop plans to ensure a strong start for our youngest learners.

Our goal has been to return students to in-person learning as safely and as effectively as possible, which is why we set target dates for reopening. To further prepare for the plans we have in place, we are excited to announce a rolling soft-start for our kindergartners on Monday, Sept. 28, and Wednesday, Sept. 30.

Teachers will be reaching out to students and families this week to explain the transition process and share more details about the schedule. You can read more about the soft-start on our News page.


  • The school year will begin on Aug. 31 with training for and implementation of Comprehensive Remote Learning for all grades. Meal distribution will begin at this time, with details on bus delivery routes and pickup sites to come.
  • Student instruction will begin remotely on Sept. 8. Between Aug. 31 and Sept. 8, our teachers will participate in rigorous professional development that will include meetings to plan school year goals, cover safety protocols and plan instructional strategies; training with Google Classroom for elementary staff and Canvas Learning Management System for secondary staff; and focusing on engagement strategies, social emotional learning and parent/family communications and support.


  • Families who choose to remain with remote learning later in the Fall, as well as any families who are interested in homeschooling, can be assured that students will continue to receive high-quality, consistent instruction from a licensed Roseburg Public Schools teacher.
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  • Teachers will connect with students and families from Aug. 31 to Sept. 8  to provide support and information about what Comprehensive Remote Learning will look like. The district believes that this time is critical to ensuring our students are able to make the most of the Comprehensive Remote Learning model.
  • For students in kindergarten through third grade, our hope is to return to in-classroom learning full time on Oct. 5, if the public health metrics are met. The mandated metrics for these grade levels are less stringent than those required for older students, and the district is planning for a scenario in which Douglas County will have consistently met these thresholds.
  • For students in grades 4-12, we plan to reopen on November 2, 2020, if the public health metrics are met. Students in fourth and fifth grade will return to  full-time, in-classroom learning. Students in grade 6-12 will begin a hybrid model (mix of remote and in-person learning). The November 2, 2020 date aligns to the end of the first quarter.

View details of our draft hybrid learning model below:



Updated Aug. 20, 2020

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