JG/JGD/JGE-AR - Discipline - Suspension/Expulsion

Adopted: 10/11/95
Re-adopted: 8/13/97
Original Code: 7992-AR


Out-of-School Suspension

When a student is suspended from school attendance as provided by Board policy JG/JGE/JGD, Discipline - Suspension/Expulsion, the parent is to be informed in writing of a uniform condition of readmission that the parent is to accompany the student to school on the first day of the student’s return.  The purpose of this condition for readmission is to provide the opportunity for the school administration to:

  1. Counsel with the parent and the student regarding the standards of behavior necessary to remain in attendance, citing the specific misbehavior and providing examples of alternate but appropriate behavior;
  1. Advise the parent and the student of the consequences that will occur, should there be a subsequent episode of inappropriate behavior.

The administrator may involve such staff members as appropriate in the conference.

The administrator shall reduce the substance of the conference to writing; mailing one copy to the parent and placing one copy in a working discipline file for future reference, in the event that the student chooses to repeat the inappropriate behavior in the future.


The hearings officer will make as a condition of all expulsions, whether conditional or unconditional, that on the student’s first day of return to school, the parent is to accompany the student to school for the entire student day.  The purpose of this condition is to:

  1. Provide the opportunity for counseling by the administrator and appropriate staff regarding the standards of behavior necessary for the student to remain in attendance, offer assistance and information about available services through the school and other public service agencies and to allow the parent to participate the student’s school day.  Further, to establish expectations for future behavior and performance and the probable consequences should the student choose to act contrary to the school’s standards for student behavior;
  1. Provide the school administration and staff the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the alternative program designed for the student who was expelled “outright”;
  1. Provide direction to the district hearings officer that this condition for expulsion, whether conditional or unconditional, is to be listed as the first condition for readmission.  The hearings officer shall also provide the parent a copy of the district policy JFC/JFCD, Serious Student Misconduct and the Oregon Revised Statute prohibiting the student from entering another district during the term of the outright expulsion.