JHCA - Physical Examinations of Students

Code:  JHCA
Adopted:  2/9/93
Re-adopted:  8/13/97, 8/28/02
Original Code: 7400

Students in grades 7 through 12 must have a physical examination performed by a physician, possessing an unrestricted license to practice medicine, a licensed physician assistant, a certified nurse practitioner or a licensed chiropractic physician who has clinical training and experience in detecting cardiopulmonary diseases and defects, prior to participation in extracurricular sports.  “Participation,” as used in this policy means participation in sports practices and interscholastic sports competition.

Additionally, students who continue to participate in extracurricular sports are required to have a physical examination every two years thereafter.  The physical examination is the responsibility of the parent/students and is to be paid for by parents/students.

A completed School Sports Pre-Participation Examination form shall be kept on file at school and shall be reviewed by the coach prior to the start of any sport season.  Students shall not participate without signed parental and physician permission.

A student who is subsequently diagnosed with a significant illness or has had a major surgery is required to have a physical examination prior to further participation in extracurricular sports.

Legal Reference(s)

ORS 332.107
ORS 336.479